Wednesday, April 05, 2006


UNLIKE yesterday, today promises to be grand,
with the SUN shining brightly from the East.
My bedroom windows face the East and the South,
thus, makes for the best place in my small abode.
I always like to savor the sunshine in the morning,
and as I open the window shutters,
I am always greetd with the glorious Sun.
I like that feeling!
TODAY, I have to go and reserve a seat for the Airport Limousine Bus
that would take me to CHUBU [NagoyaInternational Airport]
on the day before my trip next week.
I also have to reserve a hotel room for one night prior to my flight.
JAL flies early, unlike NWA....and, likewise, arrives early.
Actually, under the scorching midday sun in MManila: 12:50 PM!
THE BBox left here are half-way filled.
I need to send it, too,if I want to clear the mess that it has made in my area.
Jiji wouldn't want to see those, I'm sure.
I have to fill it up before Wednesday next week,
if I want it to reach MManila before the end of April.
ALL things set, I believe I am ready for a month or two of relaxation
Oh well,
THAT work is recruiting Trainees in different parts of the Archipelago!
I have to be there when the Bosses arrive for the Interviews.....
Bale, interpreter kuno!
After which, I am free to be on my own!
Isn't it nice to combine work with pleasure?

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