Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I had the opportunity to hear some views of both
Japanese and Pinoy businessmen in a meeting lately:
Their views?
Read on.
  • 1. "In Japan, they build small and simple housesbut big factories. In the Philippines, they build big and grand housesbut small and few factories."
  • 2."In Japan, the Owner of a big Construction companyrides on ordinary train and commutes to work!"In the Philippines, the Boss rides on a chauffered car [even if the car is just a Corolla!] with two or three bodyguards to boot;
  • 3. "In Japan, the Owner eats in the same mess hall the Company built for its employees." In the Philippines, the Owner eats in exclusive restaurant,even during Lunch breaks;
  • 4."In Japan, the wife of the Owner is often seen in the Supermarketin the evening, just after 5PM to get the best buy [fresh commodities are sold half their price after 5PM]!!!" In the Philippines, the wife of the Owner maintains a coterie of muchachas to attend to her whims;
  • 5."In Japan, no one is seen on the roads except those commuting towork or to the fields;In the Philippines, people stay outside, near the roads,doing nothing, as if waiting for something; iow, tambay..."
  • 6. "In Japan, people walk to school: students are required to walk to build stronger bodies and stamina; The only ones allowed to ride bicycles are Senior HS students.In the Philippines, merong bus/jeepney/tricycle service:hatid-sundo and rich kids are often accompanied by Yayaswho also serve as taga-buhat ng bag at tagaligpit ng kianinan....who wait inside the Campus all-day-long."
  • Bakit nga ba?

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