Monday, April 10, 2006


The sky seems to say: "Don't go, for someone will cry!"
But my heart says: "Go,.... and see....where reasons lie."
I don't know.
I can't finish my chores:
So many are left: like changing Jiji's spring clothes from his winter ones.
It's going to be warm soonand I know he'd have a hard time looking in hiscloset.
He never visit that nowadays, anyway.
This past year, Jiji has grown dependent on someone
[that's I, me and myself, of course!]
to clear things for him.
Nowadays he has only to ask for something and know
that it would be delivered to him
And today, like yesterday, the good ol' SUN does not seem to cooperate.
It's cloudy with intermittent rainshowers.....
How can I finish all these chores, then?
I have buckets and buckets of laundry to do.
Added to that, I need to air the beddings before I keep them for next winter.....
Today, I need to stay at home and make it convenient for Jiji while I am away.
He is such a baby!
He leaves everything as is: para bang nag-skin ang snake!
Kung saan hinubad, dun na lang iiwan!
Kailangang may taga-sunod na magliligpit lagi!

Tomorrow, I need to procure some last-minute buys
and pack them all in a jiffy.
I need to be ready for the ride to
when the Driver comes at half-past eleven.
Oh well.....I guess I have to stay home and keep house
even just for today!

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