Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Give us THAT gift, ate glue.....

NEWS item: Birthday wishes for GMA pour in.
Oh well, Pidal led the greetings,
followed closely by her daughter....
the tutas and all those amuyongs.
So on and so forth!
WELL, I, too, have a Birthday wish for ate glue:
I hope she opens her heart and step down calmly from
Malacanang by the Pasig.
Matanda ka na, kaya kailangang isipin mo
kung ano ang magiging buhay mo pagkatapos ng false tenure mo....
Will you be remembered as a true Pinoy?
will your name be forever cursed?
So, what now, ate glue?
Pray, do tell!
The nation is waiting......
Don't let the people down.

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