Thursday, April 26, 2012

WHY the name NONIE

WHEN NONIE was born, he got the name ANTONIO, after Nanay's  hometown saint-patron, San Antonio.  He was initially called Tony, which is the usual petname for Antonio.

WHEN A popular singing contest was aired, there was  a singer whose voice was really great. He has this appeal as well. I suggested he be called NONIE, just like that one on TV. He  is special and he is the youngest. Of course, everyone found him cute and lovable.

THE REST continued to call him Tony but my persistence paid off. I bombarded each free time calling him Nonie. "Nonie, come here...Nonie  sing this song...." They all ended up calling him that way, too. Hah-hah!

WHEN NONIE passed away, everybody: loved one, family, friends, classmates, workers, neighbors were all shocked.! Who wouldn't be?  Nobody thought that Nonie would go first. After all, he is the youngest.  He was full of life. He had great plans. He was just waiting for the right time to finish off his obligations here and off he go to be happy. At last!

BUT GOD had other plans. And we have to deal with the inevitable.

WEEKS HAVE passed. Since then, some of the siblings have rested and some have gone back to their home base now. And I am left with a little free time to research and write my thoughts.  I started to look for the name NONIE in the web.

And wonders of`s what I`ve found:

Nonie meaning and name origin

Nonie \n(o)- nie\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ann (Hebrew), Nona (Latin) and Nora (English), and the meaning of Nonie is "He (God) has favored me; ninth".
The baby name Nonie sounds like Nonnie and Noni. Other similar baby names are Tonie, Bonie, Ionie, Jonie and Lonie.


AND, according to Wikipedia:

2382 Nonie (1977 GA) is a main-belt asteroid.


Then  lo and behold!
 There`s this juice named NONI  based in HI!


Well, the name may be not that popular,
and it was used by girls mostly doesn`t matter;

in our heart, your name lingers on

and on....

and on.....

got it, Lady Love?

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