Wednesday, April 25, 2012


SANSAN  WROTE  to say she read the post and was happy I did that. She avers she can't write even in her native  Chinese, because she would be choked with emotions once she gets started. Besides, she admits she has communicative competence in English but putting her thought is writing? No, she wouldn`t dare, she says.

TO THINK they have a great love story didn`t even crossed their minds, even when Nonie was still here with her. They just found the SECOND CHANCE and did everything to enjoy that. Both thought that God, in His mercy made them find each other again after a separation of more than twenty years. Twenty long years!

GOD MADE it happen. She left him because of some customs and traditions that never die. Traditions that bind people to follow blindly even if it hurts. Which they both did. They did not want to hurt Tatay. Nor Nanay. Nor Ming Shu. 

FOR THE last seven years, they shared their love. They met regularly. Five days each time. Once each season.  They had twenty days. Out of 365 days, they had 20.  Twenty sweet days they shared. But each day of the year does not end on  both parts without each of them communicating several times. Without Nonie saying: " Good Night. I Love You!" Each single day!

Nonie, Sansan knows you`re still around; she feels it. She  just knows.  She knows you stayed true to your promise. To love her till death.

"In next life,he will be there waiting for me and he will be strong enough so we will not fear to love each other, I will be born for him again,we will meet to love to be husband and wife in next life. As he promised. "

SURELY, LIFE  always  gives a second chance, don`t you think?


Anonymous said...

Amor Vincit Omnia

Love conquers all things!

Anonymous said...

....and when it does, we sure have to grab that chance lest it goes away, right?

Thanks for the share