Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A {Th}rilla~{nes} in Makati

The die is cast!

It's been a long haul to freedom in this time and age.
People have been maimed, robbed, slapped, killed and no one
risked hands and limbs to depend them.
A handful, maybe, but gloria is known to be propped up
by the military brass whom she showers with
the Country's coffers, hence, no dice!
We all have to watch silently as gloria and her cohorts
continue to plunder the economy.

Yes! The die is cast!
The call for glue to vacate a positon she doesn't deserve
constitutionally has been made before by all sectors who
deem glue as a power-grabber, including yours truly.

Senator-elect Trillanes along with many other young idealist
of the military marched out of the courtroom and went to Makati.
Apparently, their escorts are with them.
They, too, must have finally seen the light!

Most of us sit by the window and watch things go by.
At most we don't even lift a finger to do something to right a wrong.
There are people amongst us who know yet do not do anything to do
what is right. And that is a sin, as well. Sin o omission.
While glue and her cabal commit heinous crimes of plundering this country,
we must do what we can to stop her from making the last ditch and
bring the Country down with her in hell. Thank God for Trillanes and
company for shouting and letting the world know that Filipinos
know how to stop corrupt dictators if we see one.
May you all be truly blessed and guided.

Tama Na sa mga patayan! Tama Na sa mga kidnapan!
Tama Na sa pagbubusabos sa mga Pinoy sa sariling Bayan!
Tama Na sa mga kurakutang walang humpay!
Tama Na, gloria at harinawa'y magdusa ka
sa mga kasalanan mo sa Taumbayan!

I just hope that no blood shall be shed as gloria step down
so that a peaceful turnover can be made.

My only regret is that::::::::
Bakit hindi n'yo ako hinintay?


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