Monday, October 22, 2007


So many things has happened in the past month or so~ since I put into print what I feel for Inang Bayan. I felt that all the 'happenings' are so glue-like. Her signatures are written all over the scandals and the scams. Hence, I didn't post any, waiting for the right moment to do so.....

To tell the truth, I am wary of this glue thing! I am sick and tired reading of her scams and her denial, her pictures, her trips and all, hence, I did not bother to update this blog. I have had it with all these hulabaloo that glue and her cabal of thieves have been concocting all these years.

I have always believed that God, in His Time, He will make things right,...just as He did in the past, and so on with our future. God made things happen when the Dual Dictator left in haste for Hawaii as the crowd swelled in EDSA. At that time, it was said that the people have been dulled by the imposition of martial law and no one seemed to care anymore. But the assasination of Ninoy triggered a change in the way people thought. And little by little, people found their squeaks turn to howl and via continuous protests and boycott, done peacefully of course, we achieved a miraculous transition in EDSA.

The people were granted a new lease in Life, politically, that is, and we were free, again! Then came President Cory, Fidel Ramos, and Erap. The last was short-lived, because after two years or so~ Glue and her cabal, planned and grabbed the power from one of the most popular, if not that loved President of the Republic. I do not like Erap, although I must admit that he was legitimate as a sitting President, unlike that lil devil who grabbed the position, the one with buckteeth and renowned tantrum.

We, the people, have been under this ruthless devil for so long. I do not know, for sure, how long we will have to put up with this scheming, ruthlesss SOB. One thing I know: she wants to sit by her throne near the Pasig for life! She may deny it, but all signs lead to her perpetrating herself and her family in power. Who wouldn't if they get all the loot, courtesy of the country's coffers?

The problem is, she pays them all to answer to her beck and call! The House has become not only a House of Thieves but a House Ready For Sale to the highest bidders! All TUTAs who love money and the smell of it! Like their master, these paid lackeys do not casre whether there are poor people who do not even eat once a day! All they care about is to fatten their stomach and their bank accounts here and abroad.

But God really works in mysterious ways. Don't get me wrong. I am no religious nor do I claim to be one, but I do pray as much as I could for dear relatives and friends and myself, as well, not to mention our dear Inang Bayan which has suffered greatly from the hands of dorobos who continue to plunder the economy. That shit!

As I mentioned, God made some people His instrument so that the truth may be seen by a large number of people. God made some people speak up for the brazen and unprecendented lagayan blues in government perpetrated by the fakes who continue to rake in whatever their hands can lay on. Perhaps, God made Gov. Among Ed speak his mind so that truth will be out. Thank Heaven for honest people like him. He must be emulated by other "PUBLIC SERVANTS" who vowed to serve the country and its people.
True to the description, Gov. Ed is a true SERVANT not only of God, but by the people he serves in Pamapanga. How I wish and pray that there will be more Gov. Ed multiplied by the number of positions in government. Will this pave way for the people to waken from its long slumber? I wonder.....I hope, I mean! No! I pray and pray God that all these be behind us and glue and her cohorts would be a thing of the past!

Meanwhile, the TRAPOs still deny, glue continue to remain silent, and the Common Tao continue to go hungry and desperate. Added to that, numerous soldiers continue to be jailed for unknown reasons and true justice is still wanting in our courts. Trillanes who was legitimately voted by more than 11 million people remain behind bars, not because he was guilty, but because his captors are afraid at what he might legislate in case he is allowed to serve. And the arroyos? Well, well! The daughter made uncalled for remarks against Joey de Venecia because Joey had the guts to say something true against her pa[Y]rents! The father continue to stay away from investigation while the mother doles out 'gifts' from the taxes we pay! Sanabagan!

Then when the heat is on....comes an "explosion" in Glorietta2 in Makati, where the Mayor is a known opposition and one of the staunchest critic of aling glue. It came at the height of the noise created by the latest scandal that has rocked arroyo and her "administration": giving payolas, bribes, donations, funds, Christmas gifts {in October? Ang aga naman!}, what else, shall we say it is?

I called a relative to check if they're OK, here's what I heard Maxxi say: "Diversion tactic lang yun! Para mawala sa isip ng tao ang usapan tungkol sa lagayan!" I was taken aback to hear him say that. I thought: a young lad at that, would comment that way? Goodness! He knows what's happening in this country! And I thought young people do not care. They know.

So.... where do we go from here?

Now that they have raped you, plundered you, robbed you and forsaken you?

IT IS TIME. Time to pause and think. Time to do something to save Pilipinas from the claws of those who work hard to harm and drown Her.

We must work together to put the country in order. If not for us, for our fufutre children and their children as well. This country was once great, with numerous heroes of the great past. While we all know that there are snakes and traitors in very nook, we must not allow these people to sell the patrimony of our nation while we do nothing to make things right.

I abhor the way people look down on us, those who say unsavory remarks against the entire Filipino nation. I was one of those who rallied behind the uncalled for remark/slur made by one of the Desperate Housewives in a US TV soap. It made a rallying point for Pinoys all over the globe to show their indignation against a
giant network. I hope we have the same enthusiasm to work together and rally against a pending dictator who want to gobble the entire nation and make it her own.



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Now if only the Filipinos gather enough courage to kick this midget out. Hello sis!

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We were able to become one against the racial slur by Teri Hatcher in the Desperate Housewives...WHY then can we not make the same effort to oust the fake?



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