Monday, October 01, 2007


The other night,
a TV program had a special show that dealt on the subject of LEADERSHIP and lo! and behold....One of the leaders interviewed was President Cory.(I am always happy if Inang Bayan is featured in a good light, Baby!)

Along with Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, Henry Alfred Kissinger and Alberto Fujimori, President Cory Aquino discussed the qualities of a great leader.

Of course, I don't agree, with the Fujimori, but perhaps, because of his Japanese roots, he was chosen to share his...shall we say, wit?

Anyway, Fuijimori made good when he delivered the Japanese hostages from the rebels' path on that fateful Christmas Party at the Japanese Embassy in Lima. Other than that, I have never liked Fujimori, anyway. He may (still) have a small following in Peru, but is being held in Lima for crimes during his term.

Back to the program.....President Cory was asked what Leadership entails....and she shared her thoughts.

I was elated to see and hear Ninoy's widow's interview, simply because she came out great. She knows from where she speaks. She was a clean President after Marcos,
the cleanest so far in our history.

Can't help but think, too......Why didn't the program think-tank think of gloria, instead? Glue would have loved to be in the spotlight again!

But gloria's stink must have reached distant shores, and she couldn't diffuse them, even if she uses Bayani to clean the esteros near the murky Pasig.

Kudos to President Cory Aquino and Boo-B00 to gloria!

....and thanks to the Program Staff for choosing President Cory and shunning a pretender like gluerya.



Add ko lang itong update:
Nabasa ko sa balita na nagpunta si Tita Cory sa bahay ng mga ABalos sa Mandaluyong para magbigay-suporta. ALAM ba ni President Cory kung sino si ABalos at kung anong klaseng tao yan? Baka naman nabubulagan lang si Tita Cory dahil sa pinakitang suport sa kanya noon ni ABalos?

Dapat mag-isip muna tayo bago kumilos.
Mahirap na ang magpadalos-dalos.
Kita n'yo nga't naudlot,
Lahat na proyekto Nitong si ABalos!

BOW ako sa pagkatao ni Tita Cory;
Pero ang pagsuporta kay ABalos?
Walang paltos, ayoko sa paos!


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