Saturday, August 06, 2011

The TRUTH and nothing but.....

It seems that whistleblowers are out and
each wanting to say his piece.
Perhaps this is so
because of the climate of freedom
we now seem to enjoy....

Unlike in the last nine years of duplicity
in all aspects of governance,
we now have a legitimate government
doing its best to serve the people.

I sincerely hope and pray that
we learn the truth behind all these
brouhaha from the bruha who grabbed power
from a legitimate leader....
and grabbed it once again from a populist candidate.

The truth about the money of the people

dispensed as their own...

Balato na lang kapag na-prosecute sila!
We all know that the crooks can afford
whatever money can buy and this
include the purchase of liar-lawyers
who'll do nothing for a good price.

But miracles do happen!
Perhaps in PNoy's time, we can see some light....


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