Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Bully

The arrival of the newly-acquired vessel Gregorio Del Pilar [actually a decommissioned, refurbished, 46-year-old coast guard patrol boat] from the US made headlines.

I believe it is about time [the previous ones never did anything, anyway, except to think of so many ways to rob, not love the Philippines!...] since the Chinese have also been making a lot of trouble even in the southwestern coast of Japan since I can remember. These intrusions have been numerous in the past and here's the latest...

Japan protests Chinese boats' entry in disputed area ‹ Japan Today: Japan News

Obviously, China wants to make its presence felt practically everywhere in this planet.

I have nothing against China, having Chinese blood in my veins and
having a lot of Chinoy friends from all over....

BUT something has to be done to stop this way of thinking.

Some quarters are adamant to have these issues resolved via peaceful negotiations. This may be good if both the participants are willing to talk and I mean...really talk! I have confidence in the PH team headed by our President...but would it be the same with their Chinese counterparts?
I'm afraid this is just like asking for a harvest of gold on Jupiter. They talk one thing today and they seem to have forgotten about the whole thing tomorrow. Honor is not the name of the game here, folks....

What do you think Japan has been doing these past decades? Because of its basic constitution that was forced into their stomach after the last WW...Japan has to remain armless in the face of external threats.

The fact remains: China has been a silent bully since after the last war.... and slowly but surely making its presence felt all over the world...whether by land, air ..or sea.

Wake up, people!


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