Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Case of Pure Hypocrisy

Calderon, with his shaved eyebrows, looking at his daughter....


It's been months since I visited this blog and I simply missed it.
NOW that I'm back at my desk, I can't help but write something about this lest I regret later.

I was at the airport,
somewhere near the group of newsmen waiting for someone to pass by. I thought, perhaps some celebrities were due. I was mistaken: there they were, carrying heavy coats and ignoring local media and stopping by some foreign correspondents to speak. The man responded that he has forgotten how to speak Tagalog, and has since entertained Japanese reporters ONLY!

Geez! The nerve!
I've been here and there all my life, but I have never claimed in all honesty, that I have forgotten the language of the country that has nurtured me and my siblings, not to forget my Father who, despite being a Japanese himself, never stopped talking to us in Tagalog! Funny, he even can talk in Fookien, English and a generous number of Visayan.

In Linguistics, studies have shown that one can never
forget one's mother tongue! This is true in ALL studies conducted and
everyone who has migrated to other countries can attest to that.
It is the height of hypocrisy for the Calderon husband to say
he has forgotten to speak our language.
After only 13 years?

While it is true that the younger generations have adapted the
language of their birth, no one can deny that still, the older ones,
maintain and speak their mother tongue at home:
whether they be in the States, in Canberra, or in London.
Same is true when in Japan, or in Shanghai...even Tainan.
Why? Purely instinct. It is easier to state your emotions,
to explain in the language you know from the heart.
I recall when at the moment when I was so tired and angry,
I burst into Tagalog as I answered Lolo's tantrums.
That is the only way I could express my sentiments without him getting hurt.
But I believe he sensed that, and has since been quite better than before,

NOW back to that Calderon couple:
They entered Japan some 13 years ago on faked passports.
Then they appeal that they be allowed to stay?
For humaniatrian reasons?
Some guts, huh?

Instead of doing what they did while still in Japanese soil,
they shouls have been more apologetic and asked for forgiveness.
They went to media and appealed thir case to gain support.

I believe Japan has been good to them in the past years.
They have made a terrible mistake in using fake papers when they entered
a foreign country.It is good they weren't imprisoned for the crime.
They have had good opportunities and have earned their keep
while in this country.
I think that's enough.

And they better be good Filipinos, too.
Never deny you have lost your tongue, man!

..baka habulin ka ng aso, Tsong....
mabigla kang sumigaw ng....


"Takbo!" kaya?


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