Thursday, November 20, 2008


DURING times of want and uncertainty, people all over the world think of ways to weave their way through hunger and pain. The same is true after WW2 to countries ravaged by war. Japan has risen amidst the ridicule and climbed the long ladder to become the world's number 2 as far as GNP is concerned. People worked hard nad saved much of what they earned.

WHAT I cannot understand is the way some supposedly-leaders in Pinas where most, if not all spend the taxpayers' money as if it's their own. These dorobos spend our money as if there is no tomorrow! These culprits start from the putative president and her minions, including the latest heist of what is now known as the "Euro-generals".

IMAGINE the millions in Euros they brought with them. Imagine how many millions of roads paved, millions of mouths fed, millions of books read by millions in remote barrios and hinterlands. Imagine how many schoolhouses and more teachers hired with those millions brought by these 6 men and their wives {or kabits} as they trumped their way to Moscow. Imagine also how the MIDGET make her way to NY or to SF or to wherever place she wanted to be. That sanabagan!

INSTEAD of spending those money, why not adapt the Austerity Program as envisioned by the predecessor of the MIDGET's 'father'? Carlos P. Garcia espoused Austerity during his term but was quashed by DM later on.

TIPID is the key.

NO to travels outside UNLESS very, very necessary. Grabe ang mga ito sa perang baon, na kung hindi nasabat sa Moscow, hindi pa lalabas ang mga baho ng mga animal na ito.

NO to junkets by all government employees unless they spend their own. Heto na naman at isang buong eroplano bitbit ni MIDGET, kasama pa si perst dyentelman na nagdahilang may sakit {ayaw raw sumama kasi, noh! Baka may ibang agenda, ateng. heh-heh} Yun pala, nag LBM lang,.... aruuu-juice ku!

NO pork barrels. Source lang yan ng mga tong-pats as in kurakot.

NO extra tax. Ano raw? May dagdag buwis na naman? Buwis-it ang may isip nyan.

NO more VAT. Namo-monitor ba kung saaang bulsa napupunta yan, ha? Kayo talaga, oo! Nagkakanya-kanya kayo, ha? Bad yan.......

NO more gloria, enrile, dureza, ermita,et al....Sukang-suka na ang Bayan sa inyo.

NOT even joc-joc....Oh what a joke!

NO, NOT them!

Mas makakatipid kapag walang katulad nila.

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