Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pak! Pak!-yawa

On manny's latest track...Neal H. Cruz is right...again!

While we`re at it, I believe, even before his latest fight, that Pacquiao must concentrate on where he is good, and that is boxing. This reminds me of that parable about the story told many times by my Father:

There was a family of duck who lived near a pond.
Everyday, little ducklings followed mother duck to the pond to
practice swimming, after all, that is what they do best.
Anyway, some days saw one little duckling aim
his eyes on the numerous birds soaring into the sky as they pass by.
This little duckling decided he wanted to fly.
After all, swimming bores him.
So he asked mother duck if he could learn how to.
Mother duck, of course was hesitant.
So she asked Father duck for his approval.
As expected, father duck was angry!
"Why would you want to fly when you are a duck?!", he thundered.
Baby duck said he had always wanted to fly up above the vast sky.
Baby duckling went into his daily routine with sad countenance.
Soon Father duck relented and warned Baby duck that he must
not forget how to swim if he want to learn another skill.
Baby duck promised and soon enough, he was happy learning
with the birds how to fly. Learn he did until he became an expert.
He was so happy flying that he soon forgot all about swimming.
Then one day, there was a storm and a great wind destroyed their
barnyard home. A great flood came and soon all the ducks were
out in the water swimming for safety. With all the haste all
Mother duck could do was survey the area and bring her baby ducklings
out of danger. She started counting her ducklings and
soon realized that one was missing!
She went back and saw this Baby duck struggling in the water.
He couldn't fly because of the strong winds;  
all he could do to save himself is to swim...but he forgot how to go about it.
Mother duck carried her baby at her back and started to swim to join the others.
Lesson: IF you are a duck, be a duck!
God gave us gifts to harness and hone.
If God made you a teacher, be a teacher. Be good at it.
Do not aim for something you are not!

I always remember this and has posted the same parable a number of times in the past. I have shared the same one with students and friends who cared to listen. It has always made me think twice, thrice, and so many times before invading a "new territory" and endeavour. I'd like to think that becoming something is good...but oftentimes, I must think my good points first before I enter a "new horizon" in my life. That way, I lessen the unsavory outcome I may have to encounter if I didn't think better. Of course, there are struggles along the way, but if I see that a path isn`t that good for me, I retrace my steps and rectify steps for the best.

Pacquiao may be a good fighter, but just like an old tire, or an old car...there is what we call 'wear-and-tear' thing. He may be good but if people look at his face and body while he fought his latest encounter with JMM, I think he should retire and retire while he's on top {not so in his latest in Vegas!}.

He should also be happy and spend his life at ease with his billions[?] earned. He should also quit as Representative of Sarangani: there are better lawmakers than he can ever be. He is just wasting the country's coffer, just like his contemporaries in the "silent bench" like LL and his cohorts.

He should also stop singing. And voice experts know why. Someone in his circle who can boldly say the truth [at hindi takot na mawalan ng ambon] who has Manny's best interest should...., nah, must advice him to act appropriately as a mature individual to refrain from holding the mike in front of the public. A house party may be okay, especially kung sila-sila lang, baka ayos.........but as a pro? Naaaahhh!

So goodbye,pakyaw-----a!

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