Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roke's Aftermath

For the first time in years I've spent here
I can't remember anything like it!
Imagine...a TEDEN?
I mean, here?
..... in Japan?!

That's unthinkable in so many ways.
But apparently, Typhoon # 15 packs strong winds that
electricity was interrupted most of yesterday.
It was such a long wait that I was able to finish
`Dear John' by Nicholas Sparks and wanting for more.
I survived on that----would-you -believe?----
ever-reliable LED solar flashlight!
The power didn't last long, though
[what with that full-packed 335-pages]....
I had to exercise my hands rotating the lever
to generate more power...hah-hah!

I woke up with the sun streaming through the
small opening of that window shield I left open
when I went to bed past midnight.

The sky is blue once more....
all traces of Typhoon #15=Roke erased.
Soft winds blowing.
A huge contrast to the howling winds of yesterday....
It was frightening.
Even that small green froggie
had to seek refuge behind
the door grills.
I felt for it as I paced the house,
muttering prayers that Typhoon #15
just vanish into thin air.

It's time clean the mess,
pick up the scattered laundry polls,
gather those tumbled planters
and put them back in place...

and scrub those windows!
Just to remove the sticky leaves that
splattered here and there
And the cars!
Goodness gracious!

Just added:
Lolo says he hasn't seen such strong winds
{that literally howl, mind you!}
batter these parts in fifty years!
Drove some parts of the GUN these last few days and
saw the damage ravaged by Roke.
It's immense, with litters of blown whatever scattered...
roofs' tiles blown away...
greenhouses destroyed,
windows broken,
and Jiji's 2 big delivery trucks tumbled!
one was a total wreck and the other needed major repairs!
Another minus in the ever-growing economic deficits!

To top it all: that yasashii Ojii-san's
nearby BATAKE GOYA was blown by the winds!
What a pity! He said he kept looking for the blown roof
but he couldn't find it. He bowed his head and asked
for some apologies for the inconvenience that blown roof might
have caused us. the midst of disaster, the old man had to say that?
I am really amzed at the ways and concerns of these old folks!
He has been a good Ojiisan who always hand me some of his precious
SATSUMAIMO [kamote to you, Pinoy!] during harvest season....
I gave all those wooden planks stacked up near the garage
so he can reconstruct his beloved GOYA
as he tends to his HATAKE.!
But Japan will recover....
~and that's for sure.

Sana tama na po, Lord.
Over na sa quota ang sufferings ng bansang ito.
Ganundin naman ang Pinas....

TEDEN=brown-out; black-out; electric power-failure;

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