Wednesday, September 10, 2008


News came out: KimJongIl fell ill....

ILL-fated IL is ill?

What the nuke, better still, hold that nuke

Be sure to hook him there: blast him, ban him, kick him off.


Sarah may be fallin`..or is she failing
=[Palin pronounced as pay-lin, ayt?]?

But she's wearin glasses made in 'heaven!'

News revealed that her rims were made somewhere in Fukui-ken.

So she's using `Made-in-Japan' labels, now....Hah-hah!

Mine's made locally since they started to rim my eyes....hee~heeh!


MCCain may sound pain....or ca[i]n' why bother?

Ditch him, stump him, get rid of the ol` man!

But Bin Laden's very much look like Biden's!

And Obama may be from Osama....

I don't know with you

but I think I need a respite from all these nicks!


Then there's Sabio....who doesn`t want to say Sabi-sa 'yo;

Just suspended for leaning on the suspects.

Name names, pipol and learn honor, respect and accountability.

We need that there where people never learn.


Or an illegit government that deals with rebels!

Better throw them all out to that murky river.


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